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“Advertising never sold a bad product twice.”

Dorothy L. Sayers

Are you getting a low conversion rate on your adverts? Do you want to improve how your target audience reacts to your adverts? If your answer is yes then this post is for you. Let’s dive in.

What is Consumer Perception?

Consumer perception is the opinion of your target audience towards your brand, its advertisement, and its competitors. It encompasses the way consumers select, organize and interpret both information and stimuli related to a brand, its products, and services, which, in turn, determines what they think and how they feel about them.

No matter how great your brand believes itself to be, the real verdict lies in the hands of the public. With the global population facing substantial changes to daily work and living routines and new purchasing behaviors emerging in parallel, now’s the time to tune into how your customers are feeling about your product.

Keeping in mind that the purpose of advertising designs is to reach the public and generate consumer responses, let’s look at how to improve perception towards advert.

  • Unravel Emotions: It’s no news that most of the decisions we make daily are due to emotional triggers. People need a strong, reliable emotional connection that helps shape their perception. Let your audience connect with your brand. As with all friends, consumers want brands to relate to their feelings, pay attention to their feedback, listen and reply. It is only when these are accomplished, that your brand may benefit from positive consumer perception.
  • Create Value: Brand choices are largely driven by perceptions of what brands do for customers. In other words, rather than competing on purely economic terms, brands compete based on the degree to which their benefits make customers happy. Customers will not invest in brands that are not worth the money. But what they are looking for, more than a quality product at the right price is a brand whose benefits help them do what they need and want to do, in a way that is experientially gratifying to them and makes them feel good about themselves as people.

Are you getting tired? 3 more to go. Thumbs up for getting this far, keeping reading.

  • Improve on consumer experience: Consumer experience is your customer’s experience with your business throughout the entire customer journey, from the first contact to becoming a happy and loyal customer. Advert is great, but a brand with a good advert plus very good consumer experience is better.
  • Create Adverts that hit: Create relevant advertsUse your consumers’ language, address your customers directly, be specific, include a call to action, you can include your unique selling point.
  • Give the best version of your brand: Jerry Della Femina, an American advertising executive and restaurateur once said “Nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising”. If your advert is very good, make sure your product quality doesn’t kill your brand. Quality products help to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty that generates increased leads.

In Conclusion

The way customers perceive your business impacts every action they take. Positive customer perception can increase brand loyalty and generate referrals.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou

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