Lamp Post Advertising Strategy for Nigerian Brands in 2022

with Real Life Examples

by Osayande Akenzua
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Brilliant lamp post advertising strategy has given lots of local or location-based businesses so much more than you can imagine. This is a giveaway post for you, if you are looking for pocket-friendly outdoor advertising campaign ideas for your business.  

It is no news that now is one of the toughest times to run a business in Nigeria, considering that inflation has been steadily rising, among other socio-economic factors that often leave advertisers with minimal budget.

We know you want to know the most cost effective way to get your brand out there, that is why we are sharing this insider gist about lamp post advertising in Nigeria with you. Let’s get into it.

What Is Lamp Post Advertising?

Lamp post advertising, which can also be referred to as streetlight advertising, can be described as one of the most convenient modes of advertising which certainly is cost-friendly and does not consume much space. 

It is undoubtedly the attention-grabbing platform that offers lasting results. It can fit easily on the lamp where you wish to post the advertising. 

Lamp post advertising is usually sited on the roadside, street, and even on the lane where the lamp post is there. It also allows the advertisers to target the audience as per the location and also make the maximum appeal to the customers for the location which they choose.

However, conveying a brand message in fewer words in a thought-provoking way is an art, and doing that in High traffic locations where ads will be strategically displayed is like a potent charm. It requires detailed research, creativity, innovative ideas, and an understanding of market trends. 

And it is the perfect blend of these elements that leads to a successful advertising campaign.

Why Develop a Lamp Post Advertising Strategy? 

Lamp posts are found everywhere in almost all the major cities because local brands mostly prefer them for advertising their products and services. And as usual, the city offers various attractive outdoor locations through which brands can reach out to a wide scale of audience.

What is even more interesting about the lamp post banners is that the same ad or banner can be put on a number of street lights in a sequence. So, such placements of banners fetch the attention of drivers even in high-traffic areas. The repetition of the same advertisement makes people remember the brand for a long time.

Additionally, you can post them beside the schools, universities, terminal areas of buses, markets, business zones, malls, etc. to hit the specific target group. They are directly hung on the poles with above head height or sometimes on eye level. This allows people to read the message easily.

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Common Types of Lamp Post Ads in Nigeria

As we have seen that lamp post advertising is an excellent Outdoor Advertising medium and is a great way to reach target audiences in specific geographical locations, here are the various types of Lamppost for you to choose from:

  • Classic non lit lamppost
  • Back lit lamppost
  • Front lit lamppost 

Why Smart Nigerian Brands Use Lamp Post Advertising?

  • Increase your visibility

Lamppost advertising is positioned at the best locations in the city, alongside busy roads and at business parks. It is also visible for commuters to see irrespective of time. 

The psychology of this is such that it will increase brand awareness rapidly and brand preference as well. It also tends to stimulate trust in the mind of potential customers.

  • It Is Cheaper to Operate

Findings have shown that the average cost of a lamp post Ad in Lagos is between the range of N50,000 to N70,000 per lamp pole and slightly lower in Abuja. This is relatively cheap when compared to the cost of billboards within the same location. 

 Of course, billboards are bigger in appearance and tend to catch attention with ease but then they can be easily missed as well, and this is where the advantage of lamp posts over billboards comes in – due to its repeated exposure factor. 

  • Repeat Exposure

Lampposts are generally placed in a series, giving repeated exposure to your brand’s advert. 

Unlike other forms of advertising where all impressions are gathered from a single point; street lamp post advertising provides a unique method where the impressions are distributed in a repetitive method.                                                        

For instance, getting like 10 to 20 lamp posts in a single location creates more awareness and repetitive impressions when compared to the billboard, making it impossible for commuters to miss it as they go through the specific location.

  • Boost Customer Traffic Effortlessly

Another benefit of lamp post advertising is the tendency of ensuring that customers find their way to your company more easily and more frequently. And there is arguing the fact it will increase your visitor count as well as your revenue.

  • Always Working

A lamppost advertisement is always at your service 24 X 7 which no other media can render. Be it night or day, your advert is visible to the public.

  • Strategize Location

Every brand has its target audience and demographic location. The use of lamp post advertising can easily help to reach their target audience by strategizing and focusing on the demographic location.

  • Diverse Reach

Adverts placed on Lamppost are visible to one and all traveling on the road, be it a car driver, a motorist, or any pedestrian.

Lamp Post Campaign Ideas for Nigerian Brands

The importance of creativity cannot be overemphasized when it comes to advertising. As a matter of fact the very concept of advertising revolves around it. 

Lamp Post Advertising Strategy for Nigerian Brands - 2But then to create is not as easy as it seems, especially when it’s about catching the interest of passers by. This is why we’ve put together some interesting campaigns to help ease the process. So why not study them and paraphrase to suit the message of your brand.           

Now imagine a scenario: You’re cruising on the highway, pretending to be focused around your driving, blasting some nostalgic hit as loud as it gets. 

It will take some genuine interruption to steal your attention. All of a sudden there is a series of repeated Lamp Post Adverts popping up on your way. You cannot resist looking at them.

Lamp Post Advertising Strategy for Nigerian Brands - 1

Even if you missed one, the second is coming on your way! So you cannot just ignore it! The message will be delivered for sure. So why not place your brand on the top that catches everyone’s eye and impulse your audience to rush to the stores immediately?

In conclusion, there’s no denying the fact that digital adverts are assuming control over our marketing strategies, and it’s easy to start questioning to what extent the other forms of advertising are going to last. Well, be rest assured that lamp post ads are going nowhere; because they are here to stay.

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