Outdoor Advertising in Nigeria Today

All You Need to Know

by Osayande Akenzua
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Outdoor advertising in Nigeria is the way to go, if you’re looking for ways to get your brand in front of your target audience as quickly as possible. It has been proven to be a great way to reach people where they live, work, and even play. 

The benefits that outdoor advertising offers are priceless, especially with regards to brand discovery, recognition and top of mind awareness. Whether you’re a fast-growing startup or an already established enterprise like Banks and FMCGs, you can never go wrong with  it .

What is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising refers to the advertisements plastered or displayed outside any establishment. It’s also called out-of-home advertising (OOHA), which as the name implies, is an advertising strategy displayed outside the home. 

It can also be referred to as advertising that reaches consumers when they are outside their homes.

However, it is important to know that while bus benches, billboards and transit advertising are effective for startups or small businesses, all successful outdoor campaigns begin with your location’s signage. And this is because the outdoor sign is the first thing potential customers see. 

That is why companies keep their signs sufficiently conspicuous and bright to attract customers’ attention. They aim to make it informative enough that potential customers get to know about the services and products.

Outdoor Advertising in Nigeria Today

Nigeria is one of the largest advertising markets in Africa, and outdoor advertising through billboards, vehicle signs, and other means is one of the oldest and most visible forms of advertising. In 2018, outdoor advertising accounted for 28% of total media spend in Nigeria, behind only TV advertising. 

Despite its wide use, the effectiveness of outdoor advertising has always been more difficult to measure than that of TV and radio, which can be measured through viewership statistics, or online ads, which directly track clicks and conversions. 

The number of people who see an outdoor ad, how they engage with it, and if they take an action because of the ad later are all metrics that are important but difficult to track for outdoor advertising.

With these factors in mind, the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria worked with GeoPoll to assess the effectiveness of outdoor advertising or out of home (OOH). The study focused on key cities within Nigeria, and examined time spent outdoors being exposed to advertising, the most visible forms of outdoor advertising, and what actions are taken after seeing an OOH ad.

Here Are Popular Types of Outdoor Advertising in Nigeria

Billboards are giant posters that companies display in popular locations. These big posters have advertisements to attract large crowds. Creating a billboard is also beneficial to improve sales conversion.          

  • Digital Outdoor Advertising

It is an ideal form of a campaign that changes its displays continually. A digital billboard allows you to modify your advertisement in real-time when it is necessary. The flexibility gives the company an option for an out-of-home campaign that counts the days before a significant event.

Outdoor Advertising in Nigeria Today - lamp post

The lamp post banners are noticeable in street lighting. The banner style attracts people’s attention to see the sign. If the placement of a lamp post is correct, the outdoor advertising form is hard to ignore.

  • Transit

Outdoor advertising in transit refers to using vehicle-focused advertising. Companies use subways, buses, trains, rideshares and cabs for advertising their product and services.

  • Cinema Advertising

This form of advertising uses commercials before movies begin in cinemas or theatres.

Guerrilla advertising is an unconventional way to market products. It uses a shock factor to engage people in a marketing technique. Companies simply take an item and use a public place to create something different to add in the environment and draw passers-by’s attention.

Outdoor Advertising Media in Nigeria

If you are looking for billboards, BRT bus adverts, event advertising, roadside advertising boards, taxi ads or any other type of outdoor marketing activity, Nimbus Media the leading out of home advertising company in Nigeria with outdoor media network in high traffic locations across Nigeria.

Outdoor Advertising in Nigeria Today - outdoor media

More so, outdoor is a medium that cannot be turned off or put down, unlike TV and radio. Viewers cannot fast forward through an outdoor ad as it moves through their environment or they enter the viewing range of strategically placed displays – like billboards. 

With TV, radio, print and the Internet, consumers have the ability to change the channel, fast forward, turn the page (or miss the page!) or close the browser window.

Outdoor media is possibly the last place where consumers do not control the ad space, giving advertisers unprecedented control over how and where an ad is seen. It basically gives advertisers more control over their ad space. 

However, it is important to note that businesses interested in this out of home advertising strategy should ensure there are no state or municipal laws in place that prevent it in the areas they are targeting.

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