Retail Advertising in Nigeria

Objectives, Types and Case Studies

by Osayande Akenzua
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Retail advertising in Nigeria includes all promotional activities undertaken by sellers to promote their products and services to existing or prospective buyers. It’s critical in the lifecycle of any business whereby certain consumer actions (like sales) are urgently required.

Generally, retail advertising aims at increasing sales and market share through consumer promotions and persuasion tactics. It falls under the broad category of promotional activities, including publicity and promotion, retail promotion, and direct marketing.

A retail advertising campaign is a tried and true way many brands use to get themselves in front of the eyes of potential shoppers. This article will detail how retailers advertise in Nigeria and examples of some of the most successful advertising means.

Objectives of Retail Advertising

  • To Increase Customer Base:

Customers need to see what to buy and where to buy it. This is how they decide whether or not a store is a good place to spend their money.

Retail advertising is one of the most important factors in driving customer loyalty. It also aims at increasing store traffic and creating an overall atmosphere that encourages return visits.

  • To Increase Sales:

Retail Advertising helps increase store sales in two major ways – it reaches potential customers and makes them aware of your store’s existence. In addition, it assists in familiarizing existing customers with your store.

  • Competitive Advantage:

Stores want to be the most appealing shop in the area. Being that they are all competing against each other, this is a must. This is why retailers heavily advertise to try and outdo their competition.

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Types of Retail Advertising in Nigeria

There are several different types of retail advertising, and they fall into two categories: in-store and out-of-store.

  • In-Store Retail Advertising

In-store advertising is a form of retail advertising in stores using signs or promotional materials that advertise your products and services. In-store advertising is designed to attract shoppers’ attention, provide information to consumers, persuade consumers to buy products, and encourage repeat purchases.

The most common form of in-store advertising is a traditional poster, which has appeared on store walls since the first department store opened its doors. Posters typically display a broad array of text and images along with the store’s logo and advertisements for products for sale at the store.

For example, the poster might display a sale on an assortment of goods available at the store, or it might advertise a new product introduced into the store’s inventory.

  • Out-of-store Retail Advertising:

Out-of-store advertising is also called outdoor advertising. It includes billboards, posters, signs hanging from street light posts, newspaper ads, and radio and television ads.

It is one of the most frequently used forms of marketing because it is a very inexpensive method of advertising that reaches a large number of people. For example, a billboard might be located on a highway or busy street and can be seen by many drivers and pedestrians. 

Another popular form of out-of-store advertising is newspaper advertisements, which are inexpensive and can reach thousands of consumers in the same geographic area.

Radio and television commercials are other examples of outdoor advertising. They can be embedded into various programming and can reach large numbers of consumers in their immediate area.

Case Studies of Retail Advertising in Nigeria

Retail advertising has evolved considerably over the years as technology has become more advanced. As a result, several Nigerian brands familiarize themselves with Retail Advertising to successfully sell their products and services to Nigerians. 

Below are a few examples of successful retail advertising strategies for brands in Nigeria.


Retail Advertising in Nigeria - Coca Cola

Display Advertisement is typical retail advertising used by Coca-Cola retail shops across Nigeria. For example, a small Coca-Cola store displays famous Coca-Cola Posters in front of its stores and windows to advertise its products to its customers.

In general, these display posters are meant to attract customers and passersby’s attention. There is no store in Nigeria selling Coca-Cola products where you won’t see these display posters. There are even customized displays on their refrigerators and coolers.


Retail Advertising in Nigeria - Maggi

Maggi, Nigeria’s most popular seasoning, has established itself as a powerhouse in the country, with its brand name being used as a generic term for all seasoning cubes.

Maggi uses billboards, television commercials, and even social media like YouTube for advertising its products. Their billboard advertising strategies are off the charts. They use very distinct colors (Red and Yellow) with eye-catching ad phrases for all their billboard projects.

“You have the recipe,” a refreshing approach to the thrilling theme of accomplishment and self-realization, was introduced by Maggi in October 2021.

The video was released on their YouTube channel and in several Tv commercials. As a result, Maggi’s You Have the Recipe campaign reaffirmed Nestle’s commitment to assisting its customers in expressing and realizing their goals in various ways.


Retail Advertising in Nigeria - Airtel

Without question, Airtel has become a classic in television commercials. Their video advertisements are always brilliant and very relatable.

The “4G blender” is one of its most well-known advertisements. The corporation was able to inform its clients that 4g service is superior to 3g by using this humorous advertisement.

They also invest in their retail ads by distributing stands that are well designed with their logos. At each retail shop, there are also eye-catching posters as well as signs to help draw traffic and customers.


Retail Advertising in Nigeria - ShopriteNigerians love ShopRite commercials. They’re available online or in print at any of their locations.

Each week, their ads highlight the most satisfactory ShopRite sales to help you plan your future shopping excursions.

They improve their retail ads by including Images for illustration and information in their Ads.


Retail Advertising is a successful form of advertising as it provides an important opportunity to establish market share and attract new customers. These opportunities offer businesses a competitive advantage over other brands in their field. 

It is also a good practice that has helped create brand awareness for the products or services being sold by any company. 

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