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Got a campaign coming and need some great shopping mall advertising ideas? Look no further, we have put together awesome shopping mall campaign ideas that Nigerian brands can try out today. 

We’ll be sharing some great tips, from brainstorming to execution, and insights we’ve gathered from some of the most innovative brands who ran shopping mall activations campaigns in Nigeria.

Do Flash Sales

These are a great way to draw people into your store or mall location. They’re also an opportunity to combine a sale, giveaway, and contests. They usually draw people out who might not have a clear intention of buying something.

Decorate Shopping Mall

When customers arrive at a shopping mall, you want to welcome them with warm, creative, bold brand messages and engaging marketing collaterals. So make the mall more festive and welcoming so that shoppers get excited to engage your brand.

Sponsor Influencer Giveaway 

Make influencers that a good percentage of your consumers follow online welcome them to the mall with branded gifts and souvenirs. Imagine running into your favourite influencer while you casually visit the shopping mall to pick a few groceries. Quite exciting, right? 

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Create Pop-Up Shops and Stands

Pop-ups and stands can be an excellent idea for mall advertising campaign ideas. They can be very effective in reaching a specific group of people at a specific time. Create an outline detailing where the pop-up or stand will be set up, how it will be branded, and give out freebies to attract shoppers.

Use Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPSIS)

Offering Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPSIS) services is one clever method to get consumers asking for your products at the mall. It provides buyers with the ease of shopping online and the speed of picking up their products where they usually visit to shop. This is sometimes faster and more engaging than waiting for a delivery.

Partner to Offer Shopping Mall Gift Cards

When shopping malls launch and promote gift cards, people want to buy many gift cards for their families, friends, and co-workers. Make these gift cards available on your website, social media pages and other online outlets to increase awareness.

As consumers visit the mall to buy or redeem your gift cards, you are increasing consumer engagement through brand association which often leads to increased sales. 

Run In-Store Campaigns

Your customers should be able to see your brand every time they walk into the mall or enter your website or app. You could also think of creative ways to interact with your customers while shopping at the mall, such as product giveaways, fun activities, and more.

Raffle a New Product

Raffles are very popular in Nigeria’s creative industry, and they’re doing their part by improving the participation of consumers in various brands.

This is done by giving away a brand new product to attract people to participate in the raffle. You can do something as simple as offering a raffle once a day and giving away a product every week.

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Amplify on Social Media

You must use social media for advertising your shopping mall’s activities and sales. You can try live videos to promote your shopping mall promos, events and activations. This gives your brand a chance to be seen by people you wouldn’t normally be able to reach your mall.

Use Entrance Area, Elevator, and Escalator Passages

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If you’re looking for a quick way to get more traffic from shopping mall advertising, try using a large. bold creative on the entrance area, elevator, and escalator passage walls. Then, when people are waiting to get into the mall or leave it, they’ll see your ads on all sides.


It’s important to get creative with your messaging and visuals and try new things to stand out from the competition when deploying shopping mall advertising. So we advise that you go big, bold and be engaging to make the best of it.

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