The Mix of Technology and In-store Advertising Enables Brand Growth

by Olawale Adegoke
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The Mix of Technology and In-store Advertising Enables Brand Growth – Wale Adegoke

An advertising industry expert, Mr Wale Adegoke, MD/CEO of Nimbus Media Ltd, has highlighted the role of technology-enabled in-store advertising in the growth of brands. He said this during a recent interview with the media, where he stated that the emergence of the Internet had created multiple opportunities for brands to engage with their audiences.

Ikeja City Mall Screen

Ikeja City Mall Screen

According to Adegoke, “Combining technology and creativity, in-store/in-mall advertising introduces the value proposition of brands to consumers with the aim of rewarding brands with increased bottom lines and returns on investment,”. He further emphasised that while the primary screen for businesses to reach audiences used to be the television, technology has caused a shift. As such, the primary screen for many consumers these days is their smartphones.

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“Despite the advancement of technology and the widespread use of Google and other social networks for business inquiries, sales, and marketing,” he said, “the brick-and-mortar business and conventional media still have their roles in advertising.” “As social creatures, consumers will come across and interact with out-of-home advertising contents as a result of going from point A to B to carry out their daily activities,” he continued.


Wale Adegoke

Wale Adegoke discussing on Classic FM

During the interaction, Adegoke also urged brands to embrace out-of-home advertising platforms to display aesthetically pleasing messages to connect with their audiences across various touchpoints. He added that the ongoing commercial real estate construction boom has increased opportunities for the Nigerian out-of-home advertising market. As demonstrated post-COVID, consumers still interact with brands at physical locations.

Leveraging technology and advertising may be daunting for any business without an expert to advise them on using the vast array of tools available to achieve objectives such as brand loyalty and awareness.

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“With screens in over 13 shopping malls and different supermarkets across Nigeria, Nimbus Media Ltd screens use remote, scheduled, real-time, and purely technology-driven AI tools to conduct audience measurements at various levels of the media campaign to better justify business decisions and expenditures,” Mr Wale Adegoke disclosed.

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