Transit Advertising in Nigeria

How to Improve Top of Mind Awareness

by Osayande Akenzua
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Ever thought of using transit advertising in Nigeria to help consumers recognize and recall your product, service, or brand when prompted by the media?

Let’s show you how to improve top of mind awareness with creative, bold transit ads. 

What is Transit Advertising?

Transit advertising is a form of outdoor advertising that refers to the use of buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation as the medium for delivering brand messages.

Transit advertising is not limited to only buses, though. Train stations are also considered transit points, and they have a variety of potential uses. For example, they can be used to advertise train tickets or tourist attractions in the area. 

In addition, other forms of transport may be used as advertisements, such as airport terminals and even ferries.

One of the best ways to make your company known across major cities and towns in Nigeria is by advertising in a way that people will see it every day. 

Nigerian brands such as MTN, Peak, and Dano, for example, use transit ads on BRTs to promote their products, services, and events in a professional, cost-effective, and high-impact manner. Why not give it a try?

Types of Transit Advertising in Nigeria

You definitely have seen transit advertising at train stations, bus stops, and even travel routes in some of your frequent routes across Nigeria. There are two main ways to promote products or services using transit advertising media. 

  • Indoor Transit Advertising:

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This type is to place the signs inside of buses and trains. Static advertisements (posters, boards, brochures, and other materials), video commercials (displayed on video screens), and audio advertisements are all examples of indoor transit advertising.

  • Outdoor Transit Advertising:

Transit Advertising in Nigeria - Nimbus Media

This method of Transit Advertising is by placing ads on the outer bodies of vehicles or any relevant public transport system. For example, roof advertising and onboard advertising (done on the front, left, and right sides or back of the vehicles) are the two types of outdoor transit advertisements. 

The most popular ones seen around Lagos are bus shelters. This is commonly used on both mass transport like BRT or small buses and privately owned buses like staff buses, with necessary approvals from the relevant government agencies. 

10 Ways to Improve Top of Mind Awareness with Transit Ads

  • Establish your brand identity by placing ads outside buses and trains.

Transit advertising is proven to hit commuters hard, especially those traveling during the morning and evening rush hours. 

Many Nigerians, across socio-economic classes, use public transportation at least once a day at some point in their lives. This gives the opportunity to advertise to a captive audience for at least 15 minutes daily.

What better time to reinforce your message than when people go about their daily routine? It costs as little as ₦1000 per 1,000 impressions. And it’s an opportunity that most businesses don’t take advantage of.

  • Create a buzz by customizing your ads with limited-edition offers:

Create transparent offers that potential riders cannot resist. In this way, you’re able to keep them intrigued. For example, share free water bottles or umbrellas during the rainy season. This may cost less than a billboard advertisement or video billboard.

  • Place ads on the interior of transit vehicles:

This is to make it more interesting and interactive for the people who are taking public transit. The ads that would be most effective on a bus would be the ones that have a catchy slogan or comedic dialogue.

  • Stand out with creative, eye-catching commercials:

Creative, eye-catching commercials will help your brand stand out. In addition, they are a very good tool to capture the attention of those who are just traveling and might not have time to read the ads themselves.

  • Create a sensational logo:

The logo has to be eye-catching and must inspire trust. The logo should be unique, fun, and graphical. It also needs to be very easy to remember and follow. It should also not be too complicated and has to fit in the exact shape of the brand.

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  • Must be informative:

Give new customers more information about what you do and how you benefit them, ensuring that your ads are informative. 

  • Make it interactive:

Use interactive formats like electronic screen posters to attract the attention of transit commuters. 

  • Use stylish ads:

Take a humorous approach by using irreverent slogans and bold colors to advertise your brand. 

  • Incorporate Social Media Marketing:

The key to social media marketing is its ability to reach a wide audience. As a result, social media has become the most popular avenue for advertising. Incorporate popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat into your transit advertising campaign. 

  • Eye-catching offers and discounts:

Use eye-catching discounts, coupons, and weekly offers to draw attention. For instance -Thursdays are buying 1 get one half off all juices 5 pm-7 pm, Sundays get 20% off the entire order with a ₦2000 minimum purchase for a week.

Why You Can’t Afford to Sleep on Transit Advertising?

  1. A relatively inexpensive way to get your product in front of the public.
  2. Low media costs mean that you can get more exposure for your budget.
  3. Creates positive buzz surrounding your product or business before they even hear about it from anyone else.
  4. Transit advertising allows you to target a specific population segment.
  5. Get your brand in front of potential employees: if you are looking for people for a specific position, transit advertising is a great place to do it!
  6. Transit advertising is flexible and can be changed to meet your needs because of the exclusive nature of transit advertising.
  7. Effective – transit advertising is rarely ignored, as opposed to other forms of advertising.
  8. Your advertisement will be seen by more people than any other form of advertising.
  9. With a relatively short time in the public eye, you can grab the attention of those around you – that is one thing that those on the bus or train will not miss.

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Final Thoughts on Transit Advertising in Nigeria

Transit advertising is one of the most cost-effective and efficient forms of advertising, with enormous benefits, including targeting consumers while they are on the go, higher recall rates among consumers, and Easy transit signage and display in bus shelters or bus benches. 

Additionally, it is only a fraction of the cost associated with other forms of advertising. Transit advertising is an excellent choice for any business looking for a strong return on investment. Don’t overlook its massive opportunities and benefits.

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